Air Service

  • American Eagle 242-345-0124; 800-433-7300 (US).
  • BahamasAir 242-345-0035.
  • Silver Airways 800-229-9990
  • Continental Connection; 242-345-0280; 800-231-0856 (US).
  • Delta 1- 800-241-4141
  • Air Canada 1-888-247-2262
  • Island Air 800-444-9904 (US). Charter
  • Southern Air 242-3323-6683; 242-345-0607. Charter

Car Rental

  • Thompson's Car Rental; 242-336-2442
  • Airport Car rental 242-345-0090
  • Don's Rent A Car; 242-345-0112;

Ferry / Water Taxi

Elvis Water Taxi Service 242-464-1558; Service between government pier in Kidd Cove /Chat 'N' Chill

MINNS WATER SPORTS Boat rental & Marina PH/FX 242 336 3483 email:

Bahamas Ferries; 242-323-2166. ferry service to Nassau/Long Island

Stores/ Shopping/Food:

Sandpiper Arts & Crafts; 242-336-2084. Art, pottery.
BGS Liquor Store; 242-336-2900.
CNK Liquor Store; 242-336-2145. Hooper's Bay. Beer, wines, champagnes, rum, liquirs.
Big Mac Enterprise Wholesale Liquor; 242-345-0150.
Exuma Liquor & Gift; 242-336-2003 / 2101. George Town.
Manor Bakery; 242-345-2313. Stuart Manor.
Mom's Bakery operates out of a van near Exuma Yacht Club. Mom's bakery is located on Little Exuma.
Towne Cafe Bakery (behind Shop Rite).
Watson Bakery. Don sells bread, etc. across from Exuma Market; will take orders.
Pet's Place Health Food Deli and Internet Cafe; 242-336-3010. Located in the blue building across from shell gas
Shop Rite Mart; 242-336-2670. S side of Lake Victoria. Offers a large selection.
Smitty's Convenience Store; 242-336-2144. Groceries & household items. Hoopers Bay near Darville Lumber.
Williams Farm. Fresh vegetables grown in Barraterre. in town near Exuma Market on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Yvon's Produce. Located at the Straw Market. Fresh tomatoes and other produce.
AID / Auto & Industrial Distributors LTD; 242-336-2780. George Town. NAPA; north of town.
Darville Lumber; 242-336-2980. Located about 3 mi. N of Lake Victoria is the local "Home Depot".
Exuma Building Supplies; 242-336-2402. Hoopers Bay.
Top II Bottom Hardware; 242-336-2200 / 2114. amazing variety of hardware, marine, fishing, and home supplies.

Catch A Fire Bar & Grill; Located on the Southshore of Exuma Great Sunsets

Santanna's Bar & Grill; 242-345-4102 is in Williams Town at the Eastern end of Little Exuma. roadside beach bar. Ask D about the time that Johnny Depp and crew were here filming "Pirates of the Caribbean.

Mom's Bakery; 242-345-4062 is located on Little Exuma next to Santana's

Tropic Breeze Beach Bar and Grille; beachside cafe located in Williams Town. Grouper Fingers and Surf & Turf Burgers.

Castaways #2 Restaurant & Bar; 242-345-0248. Moss Town.

Chat 'N' Chill Bar & Grill; 242-357-0926; 242-336-2700; VHF Ch-16. Volleyball Beach, Stocking Island. A George Town cruisers institution and hub of community activities. Restaurant, bar, conch salad bar; open 1100 - 1900 daily. Sunday pig roast, 1200-1900 (Advice: come early or you'll miss the pork!). Have a beer, meal & enjoy beach volleyball.

Cheatahs; 242-336-2535; 242-524-8511; VHF Ch-16. George Town. Offers Bahamian foods. Open for breakfast on Saturday; lunch and dinner daily from 1000-2200 with daily specials. Located 4 nm S of Lake Victoria.

Peace & Plenty; Peace and Plenty; Restaurant, Thursday Night BBQ & Rake n Scrape Music.

Driftwood Cafe; Driftwood Cafe; Coffee, Sandwiches, Pies and More!+

Splash Bar & Grille; American (Traditional), Breakfast, Burgers, Pizza, Sandwiches and Seafood

Sand Piper Arts and Crafts; 242-336-2084. Art, pottery across from P and P

Exuma Straw Market; Not Big but Full of great local works and Gift Ideas

BGS Liquor Store; 242-336-2900.

Exuma Liquor & Gift; 242-336-2003 / 2101. George Town.

Shop Rite Mart; 242-336-2670. S side of Lake Victoria. Offers a large selection.

Smitty's; 242-336-2144. Groceries & household items / Pharmacy - Hoopers Bay

CNK Liquor Store; 242-336-2145. Hooper's Bay. Beer, wines, champagnes, rum, liquors.

Top II Bottom Hardware; 242-336-2200 amazing variety of hardware, marine, fishing, & home supplies.

Things to See & Do

Starfish Exuma Activity Center 1-541-359-1496 (US) 1-242-524-1104 (Local) Office hrs. Daily from 8am-9pm

Mons turtles adventures 242-357-0665 Local guide, Reef & Shipwreck snorkeling, Spear fishing, Handline fishing, Jibbing, Trolling, Cave touring, turtle spotting, etc.

Exuma Cay Adventures 242-357-0390;242-336-2353; 242-551-8044;

Exuma Water Sports 242-357-0770

Rolleville Historic Tour 242-524-4788.